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Review Of The DuroStar SD1300 Snow Demon 16-Inch 9.7 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Looking for a way to clear snow quickly and efficiently? Then the DuroStar SD1300 Snow Demon 16-Inch 9.7 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is exactly what you need. It has a powerful 9.7 amp, 1300 watt electric motor that gives it the power to throw snow up to 25 feet.

And with a discharge chute that adjusts 180 degrees left to right and 20 degrees up and down, you can pretty much throw the snow in any direction you choose. You are in complete control. The DuroStar Snow Demon has a durable twin-blade rotor that allows it to create a clear path that is 16 inches wide.

As an added bonus there are rubber tipped blades that helps prevent damage to wood, brick and even concrete. That means you can use this machine just about anywhere.

With a lightweight, compact design the Snow Demon is very easy to store. It is also very easy to use in those small areas like steps and patios. When the snow season is over all you have to do is fold the snow blower down and store it in a closet or other small space.

The Snow Demon is a very quiet machine so you never have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. It is also environmentally friendly and releases no harmful emissions into the air. Since it is an electronic machine you never have to worry about getting gas or keeping the engine primed.  Just hit the electric start button and you are good to go.

Overall the DuroStar Snow Demon is great for removing snow from driveways, sidewalks and patios. It is durable and sturdy and should therefore last for a few years. Just know that it is not ideal for places that get hit hard by snow. If you regularly get hit with over 15 inches of show fall then its best to go with something a little bigger and more powerful.


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