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When Are Commercial Snow Blowers The Right Choice?

Commercial snow blowers are more rugged and reliable versions of their residential counterparts.  These are the big boys, ranging from powerful walk-behind models all the way up to riding snow blowers. 

They're designed for people who perform snow removal as a business, or those who live in areas where a typical residential snow blower simply won't cut it.

But why won't regular snow blowers work for everyone?  Because there is a world of difference between a regular snow blower and a professional machine.  A model meant for home use simply would not survive the trauma of extended commercial use.  But commercial snow blowers are specifically designed to do just that.

These powerful machines can easily withstand the harsh winter elements for as long as it takes to get the job done.  Launching snow through the air continuously for eight hours is just another day at the office.  While your typical snow blower will suffice for clearing the driveway every now and then, it's just not meant to be put through the same abuse as a commercial unit.

There are two basic types of snow blowers out there - "one stage" models and "two stage" models - but commercial snow blowers mostly come in two stage models. 

The reason for this is that one stage models combine the intake and discharge of snow into a single step, which is generally less efficient than the operation of a two stage system.

Another advantage is that, by riding slightly above the ground, a commercial unit has an extra inch or so of clearance compared to a typical snow blower. 

This not only allows the machine to plow through deep, packed snow more easily, but it also gives the operator some freedom to venture onto unpaved areas which would be unreachable without a commercial unit.

But isn't brute performance what we're interested in here?  Investing in professional equipment is the only way to get it.  Some commercial snow blowers can clear a path five feet wide and launch snow fifty feet through the air.  Others are so big that they have to be lugged around by a truck or tractor.  And the largest models require a DRIVER, not an operator!

If you only need to clear your driveway a few times per winter in an area with light snow, then by all means, stick with an ordinary snow blower designed for residential use.  But if you live in an area with lots of snow, or your livelihood depends on snow removal equipment, there is no substitute for heavy duty commercial snow blowers. You can find more info on

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