Maintaining Your Snow Blower
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Since we normally only use our snow blowers a few times a year (if we're lucky!) it's important to understand proper storage and maintenance.

The usual culprit in a snow blower that won't start after months of storage is build up of bad gas in the carburetor.

There are several opinions on how best to stop this from happening, but we feel this is the most prudent:

1. Use only non-ethanol gas. If you can't find non-ethanol gas, use a gas additive to limit the bad effects of ethanol.

2. Start your snow blower every 2 months throughout the year. This keeps the carb and fuel lines clean.

This can seem like a pain to do, but a repair to a bad carb could cost almost as much as a new snow blower!


If you're looking for a new or used snow blower, search the reviews page to find the right brand and model, and then use the resources here to find one at the right price!

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